Black “Girl” History Month

Good evening friends,

Welcome back. Today is Day 18 of Black Girl History Month. Our black girl of the day is Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.


Dr. Harris is a pediatrician who has become California’s first surgeon general. She is the Founder and CEO of Center for Youth Wellness. Dr. Harris speaks on the effects of childhood stress and pushes for intervention.

Black “Girl” History Month

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I hope you all ate having a great weekend! The ladies of the day for Days 15 & 16 of our Black “Girl” History Month are Mary and Mildred Davidson.

These sisters are responsible for the sanitary pad used today by women everywhere. In 1956, these ladies invented the sanitary belt. Until then, women would use towels or clothe pads. Later in 1959, Mary created a moisture resistant pad to be inserted into the belt. The sisters also invented the toilet paper holder we use today! Mary went on to invent many more household-use items.

Friends, let’s give it up for these ladies. We women can all appreciate their inventions.

Black “Girl” History

Happy Valentine’s Day friends,

Today for Day 14 of our Black Girl History Month, I would like to celebrate all black women!

We all have endured heartbreak but still thrived. We have all been used and abused. We have all be left to feel like less than the Queens we are. We have all be neglected and misread. We have all be ridiculed and disgraced, but yet society has taken our God given looks, attitude, & style and made it a “thing”. And still, we remain at the bottom of the totem pole. We are still place holders and last resorts for most of our black men. This post is for you! Beautiful, strong, and loving black girl!

Black “Girl” History Month

Happy hump day friends,

Today is Day 13 of our Black Girl History Month and our Black Girl of the day is Misty Copeland.

Misty Copeland is an American Ballet Theatre (ABT) soloist. She was born September 10, 1982. Unlike most professional ballet dancers, Misty did not begin dancing until the age of 13. She became a member of ABT in 2000, and in 2007 she became the first African American Soloist in the company’s 75 year history. She has been considered one of America’s 100 most influential people. If you’d like to know more about this groundbreaking ballerina, you can read her book named Ballerina Body.

Black “Girl” History Month

Good evening Friends,

For Day 12 of our Black Girl History Month I would like to put the spotlight on Jane Matilda Bolin.

Jane Bolin was born April 11, 1908 and was the child of an interracial couple; her father was an attorney. In 1931, she became the first African American woman to earn a Law degree from Yale Law School. On July 22, 1939 she became the first African American female judge in the United States. She served as a judge in the New York Family Courts for 3 decades before passing away in 2007.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge the strength demonstrated by Jane Bolin as she continued to break stereotypes during a time of segregation and unsound racial injustice.

Black “Girl” History Month

Hello friends,

I bet you all thought I forgot about out Black Girl History Month. I have not!

For day 8, 9, 10 & 11…I would like to acknowledge the true Hidden Figures of NASA, the “Human Computers”; Katherine Johnson, Christine Darden, Mary Jackson, and Annie Easley.

In the 1960s, as NASA began the race into outer space, Katherine Johnson, Christine Darden, and Mary Jackson were recruited and worked behind the scenes. Their contributions were critical to the first US space launch.

K Johnson

Katherine Johnson’s, a mathematician, calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical.

C Darden

Christine Darden worked as a data analyst in the computing pool but later automated the process when she began writing computer programs.

M Jackson

Mary Jackson worked as a mathematician in the computing pool until she began working for engineer Kazimierz Czarnecki who offered Mary hands-on experience conducting experiments in the facility, and suggested that she enter a training program that would allow her to earn a promotion from mathematician to engineer. She completed the courses, earned the promotion, and in 1958 became NASA’s first black female engineer.

In 2016, the movie Hidden Figures was released which detailed the lives and success of these women as they made history with NASA.

A Easley

Annie Easley was also a “human computer” during the 1960s. She worked in the computing pool unil “human computers” were replaced by machines. She returned to school in the 70s to earn her degree in mathematics. Her work was instrumental in the launch of the Centaur rockets.

Black “Girl” History Month

Good evening Friends,

We’ve made it to Day 7 of our Black “Girl” History Month. The woman of the day is Dr. Marian Croak.

Dr. Marian Croak is the Senior Vice President of Applications & Services Infrastructures at AT&T. She is credited as the creator of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is the foundation for features such as Skype, SMS, & FaceTime.

Let’s celebrate and thank Dr. Croak for her contribution to the technological world.