Ayesha Curry: The Controversial Statement

Good day Friends,

I hope you all have been well. I still have not been doing much writing lately, but I wanted to touch on this very controversial topic.

As many of you know, Ayesha Curry, wife of Steph Curry, has been receiving a lot of backlash due to her statement on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk. Ayesha stated that she gets zero male attention. In my opinion the statement has been spun and taken way out of context by the media and people who have not even taken the time to watch the entire episode. I’m going to share my take on this subject.

Why does she want attention from males other than her husband?

I think this is the big question most people have. We must first look at the fact that she followed the above statement with “I don’t want it, but it would be nice to know somebody’s looking!”. The media with their quest to always establish a story created a drama that should not have even been stirred up. Ayesha lets the world know she is not looking for attention from other men, BUT just as any other women in the world, she still wants to feel attractive and desired. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel like you “still got it”. In order to understand, people would have to put themselves in her shoes. She is a mother with three children and her body has changed. She is no longer that young woman with the tight body. There are so many women in the world who think it but don’t say it. Ayesha is taking backlash for women all across the world.

Society’s Need to Judge

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are so quick to judge rather than understand. We also live in a world where people go off what that see/hear and not what they know. As I stated above, many of the people who are scrutinizing her have not even watched the entire episode. How can you truly understand the meaning of someone’s statement when you are unaware of what was said or brought up before hand? We as a society have to start doing our own research instead of hopping on every bandwagon and believing everything the media/people tell us. There are so many imperfect people sitting behind computer screens or phones pretending to be perfect. Ayesha decided to open up and let the world know that she is a human and battles with the same issues as many women. People have said “what type of attention does she want?”, “why is she looking for attention from other men?”, “what does she expect men to do?”. My answer to all of these questions is….. you did not HEAR a word she spoke. She clearly stated she does not look for the attention but she still wants to feel attractive. Every woman whether single or married wants to feel as though they look good! Yes its one thing to get it from your husband, but what woman wants to go out all done up and turn not one head. We have to stop speaking and judging when we are on the outside looking in.

Most Men Will NEVER Get It

This topic can be discussed, evaluated, broken down to the bones, etc. and many men will still not get it. Men have an inability to put themselves in a woman’s shoes to understand what the woman is feeling or thinking. These men will always say “well I….”. She is not you; you are not her. She is not a man; she is a woman. Men have women throwing themselves at them consistently. Because of that, a lot of good women get looked over. I compare it to going out with a friend. Women are not even looking at you, but your homeboy is getting plenty of attention. Any man, or person, would begin to question themselves. Unfortunately, men never understand until they experience it on their own.

So What’s The Conclusion

After Ayesha’s statement, Jada quickly told her that there are men wishing, but she’s just not looking. I believe this is the issue with most women, single or not. We don’t always take into account that someone is admiring from a distance, or that a lot of men are passing us up because they realize we are not that “type”. Most men are not going to climb a ladder to get to the good apples when they can just pick the ones from the bottom of the tree or off the ground. I guarantee they will step back though and admire the ones up above. Ayesha is a Godly loving wife. Men know that she is fully committed to her husband. She is not out here showing her body and posting sexual photos. They don’t have a chance so they stay in their lane. I hope we as women can find enough confidence to boost our own self esteem.

So what are your thoughts on this topic? Please leave a comment below.

With Love,


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