Stepping into the Thirties

Hello Friends,

It has been awhile. I have not been consistent due to many things that have been going on in my life (which I will address in the next post), but I am back and better than ever.

Recently I turned 30. There were so many things I thought I would do by the age of 30 that are still on my to-do list such as getting married, having kids, buying a home, traveling the world, etc. The realization is that we cannot plan our lives. Things happen, people change, and God leads us down different paths. This is something I had to accept.

I look forward to life in the “thirties”. I believe that your 20s are for making mistakes and learning; now I’m ready to use the wisdom I gained from my 20s and focus on the future. To embrace this new chapter in my life I decided to go above and beyond for this birthday.

30th Birthday Photoshoot

When I think 30, I think mature, sexy, but classy woman…this was the theme for my photoshoot. My make-up was done by the lovely Molly (@beatbymolly on IG) and my photos were captured by a good friend of mine, Wesley (@g.vznz on IG). I am happy to finally share these with you.

The gown was purchased from The mini dress and gold shoes were both purchased from

Denver, Co

The weekend before my birthday I traveled to Denver with 12 friends. We rented a beautiful home in the mountains Thursday-Sunday and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I wanted to have a nice relaxing weekend (with a little turn up lol), so I planned things to do at the house Friday. Saturday some of my friends went skiing and tubing while myself and a few others went to explore downtown. We did a little shopping, visited a cute little winery called Wild Women Wine for a wine tasting, and then ended with dinner at Bar Louie. It was an amazing weekend minus both of my American Airline flights being delayed.

My coat, pants, and sweater were purchased from The scarf, hat, and bag were purchased from Forever21 and I ordered the boots from


On my actual birthday I planned a nice dinner with friends. I got all made-up and we ate at Kenny’s Wood Fire Grill in Addison (AWESOME FOOD!). After dinner we spent the rest of the night at a hookah lounge.

The two-piece set is from and the shoes are Forever21.

So there you have it. I’m 30 and ready to take on the world. Many women fear turning 30 as if it is the end of life as they know it BUT it is whatever you make it. It’s okay if you aren’t where you thought you’d be. Life is a journey and everyone’s path is different.

With Love,


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