Black “Girl” History Month

Hi Friends!

Happy Sunday. We are on day three of Black “Girl” History Month.

Today we will be celebrating Dr. Alexa Canady.

Dr. Alexa Canady was born November 7, 1950. She became the first African American female neurosurgeon in 1981. Dr. Canady nearly dropped out of college due to a lack of confidence; we all can relate. Though she struggled with her confidence, Dr. Canady continued her education and went on to become a successful neurosurgeon. She helped thousands of patients during her 20 year career. Dr. Canady’s specialty was pediatrics and majority of her patients were 10 years of age or younger.

Throughout her educational and professional career Dr. Canady continuously fell victim to prejudice and once explained how her credentials did nothing to filter the racial hatred experienced by brown people in America. Let’s take time to acknowledge, appreciate, and thank Dr. Alexa Canady for her strength, success, and all the doors she has opened for little black girls all across America.

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