Healthy Balance: Part Three

Happy Friday Friends,

January has come to an end and I could not be happier. This month has been HORRIFIC! I will discuss my mess of a start to 2019 in my next post, but here we are. February 1 is the start of a new opportunity. I decided to do a New Year restart. I am starting my diet again like I never failed and I am looking forward to leaving last month in the past.

This week I did pretty good. Monday I drank and smoothie for breakfast. (I slept the rest of the day as I worked an overnight shift Sunday night into Monday morning.) I had my cheat meal Tuesday which was a pepperoni pizza from Newk’s Eatery. Yes! It was a HUGE cheat, but my depression needed something unhealthy to make my body happy and I gave in. 😦 I’ve done well the rest of the week. Wednesday I ate only soup and drank tea & water. Yesterday I drank a smoothie for breakfast, ate meatless tacos for lunch, and demolished a bowl of granola cereal with almond milk for dinner. This morning I woke up and drank a bottle of water and for lunch I had a salad.

I can say I have already started reaping the benefits. Today I have felt so much better and my body is in a period of cleansing. I will continue to stay focused and fight temptation. It’s always tough getting back to this routine, but once I fight temptation and eat well a few weeks, everything will be back to simplicity. I only crave bad things when my body has had it. As long as I don’t give into temptation, my body will adjust. The biggest goal is to replace those bad cravings with healthy ones.

I will update you all with photos in 2 weeks to show my progress. Please send me messages or photos of your progress. I would love to hear from you all and know how this diet is working for you!


With Love,


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