Black “Girl” History Month

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Black “Girl” History Month.

I will be featuring black women & girls who have open doors, achieved amazing accomplishments, have influenced and/or served the community, etc each day for Black History Month.

So Let’s get started with our First Black First Lady 🙂

Mrs. Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama is a lawyer and writer. She is the wife of the First African American President Barack Obama. She is a mother of two beautiful girls named Malia and Sasha. Mrs. Obama attended Chicago public schools before studying at Princeton University. She graduated from Law School at Harvard University in 1988. In October 1992, the Obamas married and they have been a force to be reckoned with since.

Mrs. Obama’s strong presence, elegance, great fashion sense, and love for all has left an everlasting mark on global society. She recently released a book sharing her journey from a little black girl raised in south side Chicago to the first African American First Lady in the White House. I CANNOT wait to read this book!




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