Healthy Balance: Part Two

Dear Friends,

So sorry I have been slacking with the updates. The truth is I’ve been avoiding you all. Week two and three were not so good. Between stress from work, relationship problems, and my battle with anxiety & depression, my eating habits have been horrible. I have been fasting continuously, but I have not been sticking with my nutritional diet. I’ve been embarrassed that I fell off the wagon so quickly, but I realized that life is a road of unfortunate events. Things happen, we fall, but we must get back up and finish the race. Today I have started back on my diet. I fasted from 8pm yesterday until 1130am today. For lunch I ate a salad with a half and half iced tea. This evening I will drink a homemade smoothie (mixed berries, banana, & almond milk) and hydrate with plenty of water.

Because of my stumble, I have not lost any weight since my last post. Today I visited the doctor and I was 162 pounds. Next Saturday I will be taking pictures for my 30th birthday. I am hoping to lose at least 5 pounds by then. I will continue to keep you all updated. Remember, one stumble doesn’t equal a fail. Failing means giving up completely. I hope you all are experiencing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. If you are like me and have cut some corners here and there, let’s get back to it.


With Love,


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