5 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

Dear friends,

We all know that dating in this day and age is not easy. Most will say it’s nearly impossible; but I want to inform you of 5 mistakes that we as women make when dating. Dating is already a drama, but these mistakes can make it a tragedy.

ONE – We Cannot Change a Man

This is a mistake women make most often. We get involved with men who demonstrate bad habits or motives but we ignore the signs. Women are nurturers. We fix things; that’s just in our nature. Men are not things….they are people who have their own agenda and thought processes. No matter how great we treat a man or how good of a woman we are, a man will only change on his own terms.

TWO – Believe What He Says

Woooh! How many times have you said, “He doesn’t really mean that?”, or try to interpret a man’s words to fit your dreams. I am definitely guilty of it and what I have learned is that a man means what he says. If a man tells you he is not ready for a relationship…take that at face value. Understanding that men are not speaking in code will save us precious time and prevent heartache.

THREE – He is Not Your Father

It is sad that this has to be on this list but here it is. Men cannot fill in the void you have from an absent father. Nothing will ever fill that void! This is where counseling comes in. We must learn to cure and heal instead of masking pain. Having a man will not heal that pain. If anything, it may cause more damage.

FOUR – Don’t Be a Financial Burden

Sorry ladies. We are no longer in the 50’s. Unless you have a millionaire, football player, basketball player, actor, doctor, etc. partner, than you will need to work. Most men want someone who can add to what they already bring to the table. Someone they can build with, not a women who needs 100% support. Life is expensive these days and it takes 2 to be great!

Five – Be Who You Want to Attract

My sisters….please stop saying you want a man with big pockets, a good job, and no kids when you have no job, living paycheck to paycheck, and have multiple children. If you want a man who is successful and ambitious, be successful and ambitious. The Bible tells us to be equally yoked. That means there must be balance.

I hope this helps you all enter into more beneficial and long lasting relationships.

With Love,


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