Master It: Getting a Master’s Degree

Dear friends,

I recently completed my Master’s degree. I must admit, it was not an easy task. A lot of long days and sleepless nights. There were so many times I literally wanted to give up, but giving up is not an option in my universe. Anyone who knows me knows I believe education is so vital to personal and professional growth. We are currently in an era where a Bachelor Degree is basically equivalent to a High School Diploma and a Master Degree is equivalent to a Bachelor Degree. More and more people are going to college and job requirements are changing. I want to share with you some pros and cons I discovered while working on my Master’s.


Anytime you add credentials to your name, you make yourself more desirable to employers. Adding a Master’s degree to your collection will place you one step above other applicants and allows you to step into new positions.  I began working at my current job in April of 2017 as I was working on my Master’s degree. In August of 2018 I completed my degree and was instantly promoted. Had I not decided to finish my degree, I would not have been considered for the position.

Throughout the 2 years of graduate school, I gained some great friends and met awesome individuals to network with. I have met people from all areas of my field (techs, educators, sale reps, accreditation officers, etc.). Having a large network is extremely helpful. There are always individuals to answer the questions you do not know, share their experiences with you, and guide you through career changes.


YOU WILL BE EXHAUSTED! Getting a Master’s degree is so exhausting. In undergrad most individuals do not have full time jobs in their field, families, and 1000 other obligations. If you decide to return to school for your Master’s, you must be able to manage your time wisely. After a long day at work, it was hard to come home with a list of assignments that needed to be completed. Many times I found myself pushing my schoolwork aside and procrastinating. This only caused more stress and anxiety as the due dates began creeping closer and closer. The best advice I could give is to complete the work early. Most classes will have an outline of every assignment due for the semester. JUST GET IT DONE! If you have a weekend free, try to complete at least 80% of the work so that your schedule is not so hectic throughout the term.

MORE STUDENT LOANS! OMG! If you are able to, pay for your classes out of pocket. Loans pile up so quickly and it becomes hard to celebrate your accomplishment once you’ve seen your new found debt. Also, try to continue paying on any outstanding loans while you are in school. More loans plus 2 years of interest is not appealing.

I hope you all are well on your way to success whether that involves returning to school or not. Remember to always make the best choice for you.



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